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Locksmith Roslyn

Anderson is a standard brand when it comes to storm doors, sliding glass doors and french doors. Most of the time they are pretty durable locks but sometimes it needs a repair and that is when you should call Island Lock King locksmith roslyn. Sometimes the profile cylinder will turn but it will not actuate the lock. This is most likely caused by the mechanism in the cylinder is broken and needs to be replaced. Another common problem with anderson locks is when the handle set sits in the door it sags and does not retract the latch the entire way. This is cause by a bad spring in the lock mechanism. You will see screws on the entire frame of the door, that whole strip is the anderson lock and that needs to be disassembled after the handle set lock is taken off for it to be replaced.

slide bolt
Sometimes doors need a little more reinforcement for added security, some situations are different for residential doors. A simple slide bolt or flush bolt could provide a little extra security and it is a DIY job, all you need is a drill and it is very simple installation.

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