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If your business is need of Huntington locksmith services we are the go to company. Our access control services will give you a peace of mind and make your life much easier. We know you’re too busy to be worrying about who’s coming in and out of your business. At Island Lock King we will give you the professional services you need to make this concern go away.

Access Control

When you have a business that you want to control who comes in there are multiple options to go with at Huntington locksmith. A popular option is an electric strike with a buzzer, these are popular for the fact you control who comes in with a push of a button. They have wireless options so you don’t have to get up from what you’re doing to push a button to let them in, that can be a pain.

Another popular option for access control is a push button code lock. Popular push button locks are made by Kaba and Alarm Lock. This gives you authorized employees code to gain access within a certain room. Sometimes people like to go with a more secure method, a proximity entrance or biometric entance. Proximity entrance is simply a key fob you can put on your key chain that sends frequency to the lock to unlock, you can have certain key fobs programmed to certain lock, like a master key system.

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