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Locksmith New Hyde Park

Many people will go through a situation where they feel the need to upgrade there security, whether its a personal problem or business. Locksmith New Hyde Park will give you that security you need to protect yourself and your asset’s with prompt and professional services without hurting your wallet.

At Island lock king we pride ourselves on being honest with the customer, if we will we can upgrade the security we will tell you, at the same time we will not take advantage of you for not knowing what locksmiths long island know. There are always higher level of security out there for residential and commercial purposes. Whether you want heavier duty locks, pick proof locks, alarm systems, cameras etc. We will provide you with what locksmith feature you need to fit your budget.


Unfortunately there will always be criminals, long island is a great place to live and burglaries aren’t as big of a problem here as it is elsewhere, but home invasions are on the rise. With that unfortunate fact why not make your home as secured as you can, no matter your price range. Locksmith new hyde park has knowledgeable locksmiths who will do our part to secure your entrances. Some criminals pick locks, use bump keys, drill them out, kick the door in or just simply break the window. We provide heavy duty pick resistance locks, drill proof and kick in proof. A heavy duty deadbolt will go a long way in home security. We provide our customers with top of the line locks, Mul-T-Lock, Assa Abloy, Medeco, Schlage Everest, Kaba, you name it we got it. Nothing will fully guarantee a home invasion would not occur but making a criminals life harder will make yours easier.

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